Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair


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beaunnett replied to your post: anonymous said:hey you look like …

we’re all a bunch of losers who like hockey and we need to band together like a loser family who likes hockey am I right ladies

yes. beautiful.

hey you look like you have lots of friends and I seriously suck at making them... any tips?

like on tumblr you mean?
hm i mean it’s not really too hard bc most people on here are really rad and want to make friends so..
i mean there have been a bunch of people that i thought were cool so i just looked at their blogs and found maybe a niche interest that we had in common, like maybe a favourite artist, favourite movie, favourite player or something like that and just start talking to them about it! and also I’m pretty sure i started talking to like 95% of my pals bc we replied to each others posts? so yk like add a comment on their things and maybe get a conversation going! like you just start replying to each others and become friends because of it yk?

I’m not sure if this is too helpful idk.. just don’t be afraid of talking to people.. most are excited to have new people to chat with and if they’re rude or something then you don’t really want to be friends w/ them anyways yk??

"the kings are the supervillans that mercilessly crushed everyones dreams" yas i love it i’m getting it tattooed on my ass across a portrait of anze kopitar’s face

someone pls tell me why im so turned on by a video of phil kessel golfing